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**Received this in my email from 'Ailin Mac Giolla Bhuidhe'. I've previously added Aontacht.Net to my links list and urge you to give it a look and get involved :)

Getting Republicans into the community
Getting the community into Republicanism.


underlining purpose for being set up is to...

..Promote respect and revival for Irish history, language and culture.
..Provide a non-partisan analysis of Republicanism and the current
position of the possibility of unification.
..Evolve a contempory definition of Republicanism and set out it's
relevance to the people of Ireland.
..Set out the current problems facing those who support unification
and create solutions for these.
..Encourage community awareness and participation in Republican
politics and history.
..Provide an online focal point for those who believe in the
unification of Ireland.
..Discuss the challenges that would arise from unification.
..To encourage people to focus their individual skills for the benefit
of the cause of unification, be they academic, web design, artistic,
oratorical or musical.



..Secularism in politics and government.
..Co-operation and understanding between different cultural groups in Ireland.
..Co-operation between different political groups in Ireland toward unification.



..The partition of Ireland and the British Government's occupation of
Irish national territory.
..An elitist approach to Republicanism.
..Racism and Religious Sectarianism.
..The alienation and disregard for the weaker sections of our society
including the disabled, homeless, drug addicted and immigrants.
..Censorship and revisionism.
..The destruction of Irish heritage and historical sites in Ireland.



..The right of the island of Ireland to act as a single unit.
..That the basic aim of Republicanism is unification of the national
territory and, equally, unity and understanding among it's
..How the above cannot and will not be achieved through the Good
Friday Agreement.
..The current crisis within Ireland insofar as unification is concerned.
..The devision between republican groups in Ireland.
..How the above is counter-productive to even the most basic of
Republicanism's objectives.
..The concerns of Unionism.
..The right of Unionism as a political entity to exist. However it
does not accept the right of Unionism, as a national minority, to
subvert unification.
..That true Republicanism comes from the people and, as such, without
their support, no plan for unification can hope to succeed.
..That the Irish people have misconceptions of Republicanism that must
be changed.
..That the people are the only reliable foundation of any state.
..That support from the people must be earned through community-level
work of a wide and varying nature.


Seeing that...

..Modern Republicanism is an amalgamation of diverse idealogies set
around the fundamental position that the island of Ireland is entitled
to complete seperation from Britain.
..[Taking the above into consideration] ..All Republicans are able to
find basic common ground with one another to co-operate.
..Because the Irish people hold diverse political views, so too, do
Republicans and though at times these views may conflict, the basic
tenet of unification holds true.
..In order for the people to become firmly commited to the belief of
unification, Republicans must be educated, credible, patient and
polite in their approach.
..Republicans must have a coherent, though evolving, stand on all
issues of relevance to the people.
..Republicans must set aside party allegiances in lieu of National allegiance.
..The people are the only power that can establish or dismantle a state.
..Those opposed to unification are entitled to their views and that
those views should be aired to create understanding and
..As the world is constantly evolving and creating new challenges, so
too should Republicanism be evolving and creating new ways to meet
these challenges.


Aontacht.Net is not the website for a political party, nor is it
affiliated with any organisation in Ireland. While Aontacht.Net is
aimed at those who believe in unification, it also welcomes those who
are opposed to it to take part in mature and constructive discussion
on the topic in our forum.

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