IOL: 60 homes evacuated in Belfast bomb scare

60 homes evacuated in Belfast bomb scare
17/10/2003 - 07:21:42

Around 60 homes were evacuated during an overnight bomb scare in west Belfast.

British army bomb disposal experts were called to St James Avenue to deal with two pipe bombs.

The devices and other items were taken away for further examination.

There was also a security alert in Ballymena, Co Antrim, late last night.

Bomb disposal experts were summoned to Demesne Avenue, near Cairnduff Drive, following an explosion in a phone box.

Police said a “large firework type” device exploded near a technical college in the town.


Short Strand

Check out this website on the seige of Short Strand



Davy Carlin continues his excellent series of articles about growing up in west Belfast.


BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Third of children 'live in poverty'

Third of children 'live in poverty'

The research measured poverty in terms of low income
More than one quarter of Northern Ireland households live in poverty, according to a report by university researchers.
The report, entitled Bare Necessities, is due to be published by think tank Democratic Dialogue on Monday.

It found that more than one third of all children in the province live below the poverty line.

The findings suggest a "scientific" measure of poverty and social exclusion in Northern Ireland for the first time.

It also claims that poverty in Northern Ireland is worse than either the Republic of Ireland or Great Britain, which are two of the most unequal societies in Europe.

The research, directed by professors at both the University of Ulster and Queen's University, Belfast, is based on a representative sample of more than 3,100 people across Northern Ireland surveyed between October 2002 and January 2003.

Key findings
37.4% of NI children are growing up in poor households
67% of lone parents are in poverty
29% of women but only 25% of men are in poor households
56% of households containing one or more disabled people are in poverty
Catholics are 1.4 times as likely as Protestants to live in poor households
The richest 40% of households together possess 67% of the total household income in Northern Ireland
The poorest 40% of households have 17% of total household income

The research measured poverty in terms of both low income and inability to afford things or activities most people regard as necessities of life.

Examples of this included "new, not-second hand clothes", "attending weddings, funerals or similar occasions" and "enough money to pay heating, electricity and telephone bills on time".

The research found that all sections of the community agree on what the bare necessities of life are.

Poor households were found to be those with incomes about half the average and lacking three or more necessities.

The authors conclude that "Northern Ireland is one of the most unequal societies in the developed world" and they throw up a challenge to the region's politicians and policy-makers.

"While the divisions around religion, national identity and political preference dominate all discussions in the media, in local council chambers and in the assembly, this study has turned the spotlight to other equally important but less visible divisions of class, gender, age and disability.

"The challenge for Northern Ireland, as a whole, and local politicians, in particular, is how to reduce these deep fractures of inequality and create a more just society."

The reduction of poverty and inequality is, they say, "ultimately a matter of political will".

The Bare Necessities report was funded by the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, the Department of Finance and Personnel, and the Treasury's evidence-based policy fund.

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Dissident threat 'significant'

Dissident threat 'significant'

A controlled explosion was carried out on the car at the police station
The threat from dissident republicans remains significant following a car bomb attack in County Fermanagh, the Chief Constable, Hugh Orde has said.
Army bomb experts were called in to examine a suspect car parked on the Clogh Road, Rosslea, shortly before 2300 BST on Saturday.

A controlled explosion was carried out on the vehicle which was packed with 130lbs of home-made explosives.

PRESS RELEASE: 32 County Sovereignty Movement

DATE: Sunday 12th October (For Immediate Release).

CONTACT: Marian Price - 07801 729412

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement notes with great concern the recent abduction of Co. Down man Brendan Rice.

Thirty-eight-year-old Brendan was forcefully taken by three masked men from his house in Newcastle around 10pm on Saturday night. When attempting to resist, he was dragged into his front garden and beaten while several neighbors and his girlfriend looked on helplessly. After this humiliation he was dragged into a white transit van parked near by.

These individuals then held Brendan in an unknown location overnight where he was again assaulted for some period of time. Due to the line of questioning they pursued, and the fact that (though moderately disguised) some locals who witnessed the abduction said they recognized the men it has become obvious that these were members of the Provisional

Fortunately Brendan was returned to his family at around 2pm today (Sunday 12th Oct.) but is badly shaken by the whole affair.

Those close to Brendan have mentioned that 2 weeks ago he had conversed with a local Sinn Fein councilor after meeting him in a bar, during which Brendan expressed a difference of opinion around the party and its overall strategy. They are insistent that this was by no means an aggressive exchange, but feel that this conversation coupled with the fact that Mr. Rice had sold ballots in support of Republican prisoners
in Maghaberry indeed had a bearing on his abduction.

This is only one of several similar abductions and beatings administered recently by the Provisional Movement, which includes the alleged involvement of these people in the disappearance of Armagh man Gareth O'Connor.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement is not simply asking for
condemnation, but is calling for a complete end to this fascistic bully boy behavior.

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