Jail integration 'recipe for disaster'

Integrating loyalist and republican inmates in a Northern Ireland prison is a recipe for disaster, according to a former assembly member.

Sammy Wilson of the Democratic Unionist Party believes paramilitary prisoners can be kept apart without surrendering control of the prisons.


Bomb device found


The Irish Republican Bulletin Board (IRBB) :: View topic - Scottish Freedom Fighter William Wallace Commemorated

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2003 6:51 pm by Seamus--Post subject: Scottish Freedom Fighter William Wallace Commemorated


Members of Republican Sinn Fein attended the very successful annual William Wallace Commemorative March & Rally in Elderslie, Renfrewshire on Saturday, 23rd of August and sold copies of SAOIRSE. On this day 698 years ago William Wallace, was Judicially murdered on the direct orders of the English King Edward 1st at Smithfield in London.

Wallace, the Patriot who defied and fought the might of the invading English Army under the command of Edward 'Longshanks' for many long years was betrayed by Scots traitors and delivered into English hands.

This act of Judicial murder did not have the effect that King Edward intended. William Wallace became a martyr and a bright flaming beacon to the people of Scotland. The fires of patriotism thus kindled became a raging conflagation that culminated nine years later in the decisive victory of Bannockburn where the Scots and their Irish allies were victorious.

Let us remember him and his example with pride and imbue ourselves afresh with the desire to liberate our Celtic nations from the their foreign colonial yoke.


Bundoran Hunger Strike Commemoration

Des Dalton, Assistant Publicity Officer, Republican Sinn Féin
August 28, 2003

Republicans from all over Ireland will gather in Bundoran, Co Donegal at 3.00pm, on Saturday August 30 for Republican Sinn Féin's annual 'H Block Hunger Strike' commemoration . With the stepping up of the campaign for segregation and political status by Republican prisoners in Maghaberry and Magilligan jails, this years commemoration takes on an added significance.

The main speakers include Seán Ó Brádaigh, author of a recently published biography of Robert Emmet, RSF Ard Chomhairle member Fergal Moore, Monaghan, Mick McManus, Fermanagh, Bob Loughman, New York and anti-war campaigner, Mary Kelly who was recently acquitted by a jury at Kilrush Circuit Court of causing 'criminal damage to a US warplane which was being refuelled at Shannon during the recent US led war on Iraq. Guests of honour on the day will be relatives of the ten men who died on hunger strike in 1981.

R.S.F. news
SAOIRSE [saoirse@iol.ie]

Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association.
Press Release: 27-08-2003.
Contact: Marian Price/Martin Mulholland.
Phone 07801 729 412 or e-mail irpwa@hotmail.com

Murder Bid on O/C IRA prisoners.

This weeks murder bid on the republican prisoner’s officer commanding, John Connolly, must surely be the last attack before the NIO grant segregation.

The incident occurred on Monday morning as Connolly was returning to his cell after phoning his family. The republican prisoner was rushed in his cell by seven loyalist prisoners who proceeded to beat Connolly to the ground with tins of food in socks and pillow cases. The loyalists produced a pistol and placed it against John Connolly’s head and pulled the trigger but fortunately the gun jammed. Another republican prisoner, Gearoid Mag Uaid, ran into the cell on hearing the commotion and was also badly beaten. The loyalists tried to strangle John Connolly before they ran off. The two republican prisoners received severe bruising and gashes to their heads while the loyalists involved in the attack have been placed in the special supervision unit. No weapon has been recovered yet although many republicans would not be surprised if the weapon has already been smuggled out by the people who smuggled it in.

The IRPWA have information that a loyalist grouping held a meeting in the prison on Sunday night where this and other attacks on republicans were discussed and planned, we are also aware that some of the prison staff knew that this meeting took place yet took no measures to ensure that something like this didn’t happen.

We call for an immediate inquiry into the events of Monday morning and demand that someone is held to account. The Prison Service can no longer deny these events are taking place and avoid public scrutiny as they have done up to now.

The NIO and the Prison Service have some serious questions to answer regarding this incident and must surely now agree that the only common sense solution to the crisis in Maghaberry is immediate segregation. It is only by sheer good luck that the republican community is not making plans for a funeral today, something that no side in this dispute should welcome. RESTORE POLITICAL STATUS.

Martin Mulholland spokesperson.

Remains 'belonged to woman'

(Jean McConnville)

Human remains found in County Louth, near a site where the IRA claimed to have buried a mother-of-ten, have been identified as belonging to a woman.
Jean McConville was abducted from her west Belfast home in 1972, after she went to the aid of a fatally wounded British soldier outside her front door.


Prisoners attacked in jail

Two prisoners were attacked inside Maghaberry Prison

Two dissident republican prisoners are recovering following an attack by seven men inside Northern Ireland's high-security Maghaberry Prison.
A spokesman for the Prison Service has confirmed that the assault took place on Monday at the prison near Lisburn, County Down.

He said it is understood that they were attacked by seven loyalist inmates at Bann House in the jail.

But the spokesman denied claims that a gun was pulled during the assault which left one man with a head wound and bruising, and a second man with bruising.

"There is no evidence to support the gun allegations, but the prison service is conducting a full search of Bann House," the spokesman said.

The prisoners suspected of carrying out the attack have been moved to a supervision unit.

The attack follows recent calls from loyalist and republican prisoners for segregation within the jail.

Roof-top protests

A week ago, loyalist paramiltaries began a poster campaign demanding segregation and dissident republican prisoners have been staging dirty protests.

Loyalist and republican inmates have also been involved in roof-top protests at the jail, which have caused disruption to prison visits.

In June, Roe House in Maghaberry was the scene of a roof-top protest involving eight loyalists, dissident republicans and non-paramilitary inmates in the jail.

It ended peacefully after the protesters spent one night on the roof.

In early August, Secretary of State Paul Murphy announced a safety review at the prison following the protests and attacks on prison officers' homes.

The consultation is to be led by John Steele, who was head of the Northern Ireland Prison Service from 1987 to 1992, and a former head of security policy for the Northern Ireland Office.

Ciarán Ferry

FBI offered to free inmate
Ex-IRA member rejected deal, stays in Denver jail

By Julie Poppen, Rocky Mountain News
August 23, 2003

The FBI offered freedom to an Irish citizen jailed in Denver for overstaying his visa if he gave up information on the Irish Republican Army.

The offer was revealed Friday by inmate Ciaran Ferry, 31, during a hearing before an immigration judge.

Ferry is seeking asylum in the United States so he can live with his American wife and 2-year-old daughter.

Ferry, a former IRA member, told immigration Judge James P. Vandello at Wackenhut Services Processing Center in Aurora he refused to be a "mole" even if it meant he could live freely in the U.S.

"Why would I thrust my family into a dangerous situation I'm trying to escape from?" Ferry asked. "I think it's disgraceful."

Judge Vandello will decide the case by Nov. 1.

Ferry was caught in March 1993 with two other men driving between Belfast and Dublin with two weapons and about 52 rounds of ammunition. The British government alleged he was en route to kill Protestants in the town of Lisburn.

Ferry spent more than seven years of a 22-year sentence in prison but was released in August 2000 under the Good Friday Accords, a peace agreement negotiated between Ireland and England with U.S. support.

Ferry then came to Colorado with his wife on vacation and stayed. He was arrested in January and has been in jail ever since. He also failed to indicate he had been convicted of a crime on at least one visa document.

His case has attracted global attention and support, particularly from Irish-American groups.

Friday, his supporters, including one young man draped in a sash of Ireland's flag, came to court.

The U.S. government maintains Ferry is a threat because of his ties to an organization once deemed a terrorist group.

"The IRA has killed a lot of innocent civilians. Is that correct?" Scott Johns, assistant chief counsel under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, asked Ferry.

Johns downplayed the FBI's discussions with Ferry, noting that it would have been possible to keep Ferry's cooperation secret if the family had not sought publicity on his case.

Ferry has maintained that he and his two IRA cohorts were en route to a secret IRA training camp.

Now, he's pinning his hopes on the U.S. court system to allow him to live legally here. His family has also filed a brief in federal court arguing that Ferry is being unlawfully detained.

"I see the American justice system as a just system," Ferry testified. "The things I was convicted of I would not have been convicted of in the U.S. justice system."

His wife, Heaven, 27, a Web designer for the city of Arvada who lives with her parents, said she believes the family would be in danger in Ireland because her husband's name appeared on a Loyalist hit list.

But Johns questioned whether Ferry's life would be in danger and said that Ferry was still active with the IRA in 1997 while he was detained. At that time, the U.S. considered the IRA a terrorist organization.

Ferry said he lost his active IRA status the day he was jailed in Ireland.

"I hope the court recognizes my convictions were of a political nature and that the court recognizes I have done nothing wrong in the U.S.," said Ferry, in an emotional closing statement.

Until the case is decided, Ferry will remain in the Denver County Jail in solitary confinement. He was offered a chance to join the general population but declined because he doesn't believe he's a criminal.

Ferry has also given up contact visits with his wife and daughter because he believes it's degrading to be strip-searched after each visit.

"Even al-Qaida people were treated better than this," said Deanna Turner, spokeswoman for the Irish American Unity Conference who attended the hearing.

IrelandClick.com 25th August 2003

Attacks follow funeral


A number of Real IRA members from across West Belfast have fled their homes in fear of a ‘Night of the Long Knives’ style blitz in the wake of the murder of Danny McGurk.

The Andersonstown News has learned that five members of the group thought to be connected to the RIRA killing of Danny McGurk last week have fled their homes.

Three of the men were told by the PSNI that they are subject to an IRA death threat. The others left after a number of homes in the Divis area were wrecked in weekend attacks by local people angry at the organisation’s increasingly criminal and anti-social behaviour.

The lower Falls is now bracing itself for an all out war on the RIRA – similar to action taken against the now disbanded IPLO in 1992.

IPLO man Samuel Ward from the Short Strand area was gunned down in a Belfast bar on 31 October 1992 when up to 100 IRA men took part in a crackdown operation to disband the organisation.

Ten other alleged members of the group were wounded in punishment shootings on the same night – many shot in the legs with rifles in order to cause maximum damage.

Four days later the leader of the IPLO’s Belfast Brigade made a statement saying the organisation was to disband.

Members of the RIRA are now fleeing their homes convinced that their days are also numbered.

One RIRA member who was involved in the fight that led to the rift and later the murder of Danny McGurk, has fled to an address in Co Down.

And we can reveal that another man who has been hiding out in Ballycastle since last Tuesday has made approaches to mainstream republicans and offered to trade information on his RIRA colleagues in a bid to save his own skin.

Mainstream republican sources are now saying that the organisation’s days are numbered and that members of the RIRA will from now on be treated as common criminals.

In the Divis area yesterday local people told the Andersonstown News that the community has ostracised all known members of the RIRA.

Shops and bars have refused to serve known members of the organisation and local people say they are no longer welcome in West Belfast.

“We don’t want them here any more,” said one woman.

“They are more interested in lining their own pockets than they are in republicanism.
“No one tried to stop the people who were wrecking their houses because no one cares.
“This area has seen this all before when the IPLO were selling drugs, murdering and raping, thinking they could get away with anything. They were soon put in their place.

“The same thing is happening to the RIRA and there are not too many people shedding tears.”

At Danny McGurk’s funeral on Saturday morning Fr Matt Wallace, who married Danny and his wife Patsy just two years ago, condemned the attack. He said his killers were not Catholic but disciples of the devil.

“What type of people would do this, are they Irish, Catholic, nationalist?
The answer is no.

“His mother described them as the devil’s disciples, drug traffickers and I believe that is the best answer.”

Journalist: Allison Morris


PRESS RELEASE: 24-08-2003.
TELEPHONE: 07742 439 449 OR E-MAIL: belfast32csm@yahoo.com

Death threats against members of the Sovereignty Movement.

In the early hours of Friday morning (22nd) several members of the 32 county sovereignty movement in Belfast were visited by the RUC/PSNI and warned that they were being actively targeted by members of the Provisional IRA. Among those visited was national executive member and prisoners spokesperson Marion Price. Ms Price was visited again at lunch time the same day when details of the nature of the threat were repeated. Ms Price was advised to step up her security and warned that she should take the threat extremely seriously.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemn this threat and call on Sinn Fein and PIRA to publically withdraw the threat and if it is non-existent they should investigate its source.

It is possible, in light of recent revelations of high level infiltration, that the guiding hand of the British state is at work. At a time of crisis in the political process and increasing support for the continuing protests in Maghaberry it may be that these threats are a ruse to intimidate and silence anti-agreement republicans. Elements within the media have, for a number of weeks been talking up the possibility of an Oglaigh na hEireann/Provisional feud. The Sovereignty Movement call for calm at this time and would urge republicans to remain level headed. Differences within republicanism should not be settled at gun point but through open and honest debate.

It is with this in mind that the leadership of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement challenge the leadership of Sinn Fein to a debate on the issue of national sovereignty and how it can best be restored and maintained.

Andy Martin, Chairperson, Belfast 32CSM.


Sunday Life

Rebels face Provo backlash
PIRA outrage at Falls killing

By Stephen Breen

IRA bosses are set to declare war on renegade republican gangs across Belfast, it was claimed last night.

Sunday Life understands that Belfast Provo chiefs have run out of patience with the dissidents, and have "drawn up" a hit-list of leading Real and Continuity IRA chiefs in the north and west of the city.

Republican sources say the IRA had already being growing "impatient" with the dissidents, over their growing links to criminal gangs, loyalist terrorists and drug dealers.

But Provo leaders in west Belfast were outraged by last week's brutal murder, by the Real IRA of Danny McGurk, in the lower Falls.

Senior republican sources told us the IRA leadership was previously "reluctant" to launch an attack against the dissidents because of the peace process, but said the group is now coming under intense pressure from its own ranks to target the rival gangs.

The Provos have moved against the dissidents before, most notably they were blamed for the murder of Real IRA chief, John 'Jo Jo' O'Connor, in October 2000.

They were also behind punishment attacks on senior renegades in the south Down area, and north Belfast.

But now the IRA is set to scale up attacks against dissidents.

This latest development comes after Sunday Life exposed links between the dissidents and Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair's old C company.

We also revealed how the former leader of the Real IRA in west Belfast - Anthony Notorantonio - was jailed after he was found with one of Adair's old UZI sub-machine guns.

A senior security source told us it would be "no surprise" if the IRA leadership sanctioned a move against the dissident gangs.

Said the source: "Apart from the killing of Jo Jo and sporadic punishment attacks against suspected dissidents, the IRA has been keeping a distance from these dissident gangs.

"They know everything that they're involved in, but they will only take action against them when they feel the time is right.

"The Provos have to look at the bigger picture, but with a vacuum in the peace process at this stage, the feeling among its rank and file now is that maybe this is the time to strike.

"The dissident gangs have been terrorising places like north and west Belfast, and the people have had enough.

"They are now looking to groups like the mainstream IRA to take action.

"The IRA knows who the leaders of the renegade gangs are.

"And the general feeling is that they could be ready to take one of them out on a no-claim no blame basis."

Dissidents face protests on their home front

OUTRAGED residents in west Belfast are set to hold a series of protests, outside the homes of leading dissident republicans.

The plan has been drawn up by people in the lower Falls, and in other parts of the republican stronghold, after last weekend's brutal murder of Daniel McGurk.

The protests have been organised by local people, in a bid to force the Real and Continuity IRA terror bosses to leave the area.

Mr McGurk was gunned down in front of his wife and children, by a Real IRA gang, after he was involved in a row with some of the terror group's leading members in the west of the city, earlier this month.

He was shot in the feet and the back, in what may have been a savage attempted punishment-style shooting that went wrong.

Although a number of protests have been held outside the homes of renegade republicans in north Belfast, this is expected to be the first time protests will be staged in the west of the city.

Even before Mr McGurk's murder, there was growing anger in west Belfast towards the dissident gangs, which are linked to criminal, and drug dealing, gangsters across Northern Ireland.

One concerned resident - too terrified to be named - who lived close to the home of Mr McGurk, told Sunday Life people in the area have "had enough" of the dissident republican groups.

Said the resident: "It's about time something was done to let the thugs of the Real IRA know that they are not wanted, in nationalist areas.

"The Provos don't seem to want to get involved, because of the peace process, but if the ordinary people come out and protest at these people, they cannot be stopped.

"The protest outside the home of a senior dissident, in the Bone area of north Belfast, was a success because he has now left, and there is no reason why it can't happen here.

"They class themselves as true republicans, yet they are working with well-known criminals and loyalists."

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