PRESS RELEASE: 24-08-2003.
TELEPHONE: 07742 439 449 OR E-MAIL: belfast32csm@yahoo.com

Death threats against members of the Sovereignty Movement.

In the early hours of Friday morning (22nd) several members of the 32 county sovereignty movement in Belfast were visited by the RUC/PSNI and warned that they were being actively targeted by members of the Provisional IRA. Among those visited was national executive member and prisoners spokesperson Marion Price. Ms Price was visited again at lunch time the same day when details of the nature of the threat were repeated. Ms Price was advised to step up her security and warned that she should take the threat extremely seriously.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemn this threat and call on Sinn Fein and PIRA to publically withdraw the threat and if it is non-existent they should investigate its source.

It is possible, in light of recent revelations of high level infiltration, that the guiding hand of the British state is at work. At a time of crisis in the political process and increasing support for the continuing protests in Maghaberry it may be that these threats are a ruse to intimidate and silence anti-agreement republicans. Elements within the media have, for a number of weeks been talking up the possibility of an Oglaigh na hEireann/Provisional feud. The Sovereignty Movement call for calm at this time and would urge republicans to remain level headed. Differences within republicanism should not be settled at gun point but through open and honest debate.

It is with this in mind that the leadership of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement challenge the leadership of Sinn Fein to a debate on the issue of national sovereignty and how it can best be restored and maintained.

Andy Martin, Chairperson, Belfast 32CSM.

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