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14 August 2003

Continuity IRA denies part in Omagh bomb

The Continuity IRA has denied that it co-operated with the Real IRA in carrying out the Omagh bombing in 1998.

The claim that both dissident groups acted together was made by FBI agent David Rupert in the recent trial in Dublin of Michael McKevitt, the Real IRA leader found guilty of directing terrorism.

But the Continuity IRA says it "totally refutes" the claim it was involved in "tragic events at Omagh."

Describing the McKevitt case as a "political show trial in the Stalinist style." the Continuity IRA statement said: "We wish to totally refute these absurd lies uttered by this mercenary and, for the record, we wish to state that we played absolutely no part in the preparation or carrying out of this atrocity."

Pointing out that Rupert was "paid millions by a foreign power," CIRA claimed he was "prepared to do and say anything in an attempt to blacken the name of our organisation with the stain of Omagh."

"Unfortunately, he is not alone, since there are also some apparently subservient journalists who are prepared to engaged in the same sordid tactics," said the CIRA.


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