Family of murdered man blame Real IRA and claim his killers were blind drunk as they killed him in front of his five kids

The Real IRA were being blamed last night for the shooting to death of Divis man Danny McGurk in front of his wife and five children.

The 35-year-old was shot four times – in both ankles, the thigh and in the back – at his home in Ross Road yesterday morning. His family have hit out bitterly at his killers, labelling them “filth”.

His three daughters and two sons – who are between the ages of fifteen and one – along with his wife looked on in horror as three men burst into the house and opened fire in the living room. Mr McGurk died a short time later in hospital.

A close friend of Danny’s, who does not want to be named, said the murder was the culmination of a dispute between members of the RIRA and Danny McGurk which arose after a verbal altercation outside a West Belfast bar

. Just last week Mr McGurk was brutally beaten by a gang wielding hammers and wheel braces.

“The cowards feared Danny,” said the family friend. “He said what he thought and didn’t hide from anyone. Danny was refused entry to a local bar because there was a Real IRA do on. He was furious and told them that he didn’t recognise the RIRA as an army and that the only army he recognised was the Irish Republican Army.
“He was told he was going to be shot dead. He stayed out of the way, and spent a few weeks in the house with his wife and kids. Danny was at his brother’s flat in Divis last Sunday night having a few drinks when the RIRA broke in and beat him with hammers and wheel braces. He was left for dead and was in hospital for some time.”
Danny McGurk’s distraught wife Patsy told relatives that she smelt drink off the three gunmen who burst into the house – and that one in particular was blind drunk.
Unemployed Danny’s older sister, Mary Linberg, has hit out at those who murdered her brother. She said he didn’t deserve to be cut down.
“My brother didn’t do anything wrong. These scumbags have left his children and wife with no father or husband, my parents without their son and me without my wee brother.

“My brother wasn’t a bad guy, he was certainly a better man than the filth who shot him dead.”
The family are convinced that this was no punishment beating that went wrong – they said it was a brutal murder that was planned for some time.

“He had already been punished when they beat him last week. These people set out to kill him. They already shot him three times before they shot him in the back,” said Mary.

“The so-called leaders of the RIRA who shot my brother dead are drug-dealers, muggers and thieves. There are more touts than so-called volunteers. They should be the ones taken out of our community, not Danny.”

Journalist: Georgina Doran

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