Agonising wait for victim’s family

The family of murdered Falls man Danny McGurk have been told they may have to wait up to two weeks before they can bury the father-of-five.

News of the devastating delay came after one of the men arrested in connection with the death of the Lower Falls man instructed his solicitor to take up the seldom-used option of demanding an independent coroner’s report.

Mr McGurk’s heartbroken family now fear the dead man’s 75-year-old father Seamus – who is in the final stages of terminal cancer – may not live to see his son given a Christian burial.

Danny McGurk was gunned down on Sunday morning when three men burst into the family’s Ross Road home.

The victim was shot in both ankles, the thigh and in the back.

The RIRA have been blamed on the shooting after it emerged that Mr McGurk had an earlier run-in with members of the dissident organisation.

The wait on the independent coroner to carry out his report will mean that the McGurk family will have to endure an agonising and undetermined delay before the burial can take place.

In an amazing turn of events, the family were first informed by the PSNI that the body would be released to the family on Wednesday evening.

Funeral arrangements were made and a service planned for Friday morning. Danny McGurk's children were told their father was being brought home for burial.

However, a few hours later the family were contacted again and told that one of the men arrested in connection with the killing had instructed his solicitors to take the extraordinary legal action.

“All we want is to give him a proper burial. It is every person’s human right to be allowed to bury his or her loved one,” said his grieving widow Patsy.

“This news has devastated the family. Danny’s father is dying, he might never see his own son buried.

“This is just torture after what we have been through this week. This is just too much, we are in shock.”

Two men and a woman arrested in connection with Danny McGurk’s death were released without charge yesterday, a fourth man was still being questioned by the PSNI.

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