The Shamrockshire Eagle: Monday 11th August 2003

This link is to the analysis "OUTED" by Paul Dunne of the journalist whore Kevin Toolis. I am putting it in just in case you missed it in THE SHAMROCKSHIRE EAGLE, although you should make it a point of reading that particular blog every week because it is full of intelligent thought and origional writing.

And yes, this is a mirror-like effort to my Xanga site--micheailin's Irish Republican Fenian Blog--or at least it WOULD be mirror-like if I could actually reach my frigging Xanga site at all. It's been down for 2 days now, and I am having blogging withdrawal--even though all I do is post pertinent articles and don't actually think and write like other people manage to do. I changed over from Blogspot to Xanga because you could put pictures on your posts, but it doesn't much help when you can't frigging POST :@


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