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Parents warned in chatroom crackdown
Internet closing doors on sex abusers

**There isn't ANYONE who is more concerned about child abuse or molestation than I am, but I have to say that Microsoft's decision to close its chatrooms and thinking that this will protect children borders on the absurd. If any of you have ever used the Grapevine rooms, for instance, you will realize that most of the prime time hours are monitored by MSN hosts. Chatters routinely get kicked out for even cussing. This is not to say that you would want your 13 year old hanging around the chatroom, but compared to Yahoo's rooms, for instance, MSN seems fairly tame. Yahoo becomes one big billboard for sluts and whores in the wee hours. There is no one to monitor it. The answer is not for MSN to shut the doors on everyone because of slime buckets like Mallon, but for parents to monitor their children's use of the internet.

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