**This link to a short piece about the Ballyseedy massacre and the post from AN PHOBLACHT following shortly originated from a post over at Danny Morrison's gaff by Michael Kerry (see links). I think the more bits of information and links you see, the more you can investigate and research on your own, which can't help but further your understanding and hopefully tweak your interest.

Irish Civil war

At midnight on March 6th 1923, nine prisoners were brought to Ballyseedy Wood near Ballyseedy cross. They were Pat Buckley, John Daly, Pat Hartnett, Michael O Connell, John O Connor, George O Shea, Tim Tuomey , James Walsh and Steven Fuller. As they were getting into the van, the guard told them that this would be the last cigarette they'd ever smoke. When they got there,they were tied around a log and the mine was detonated.Most of them survived the initial blast but the soldiers threw grenades at them. All died, except for Steven Fuller- the force of the blast threw him into the nearby river Lee where he crawled for about 500 yds to Currans House. They took him in and hid him in a dug-out at the back of their farm for some weeks. He was the only one who survived the blast. There were two more mines detonated at that time also- one at Cahersiven and the other at Countess Bridge in Killarney. Only one man survived those two blasts. However the Ballyseedy massacre remains one of the worst atrocities of the Irish Civil War.

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