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Ciaran Ferry was rushed to the Emergency Room last Tuesday evening after he had eaten a dinner of chicken and rice. A meal that he has eaten countless times before. Shortly after his meal, he became ill and noticed his skin turning bright red. He called the guards and they acted immediately upon seeing his condition and took him to the hospital.

Ciaran was released from the hospital the same night but he has not been told the diagnosis or what may have caused this. Curiously enough only one other inmate, that we know of, also developed this same condition and that inmate resides in the cell next to Ciaran's.


Ciaran has since been moved to the general criminal population wing against all of his previous objections.

What is suspicious is that earlier that night the guards on the wing, that supervise Ciaran, got into an argument with the jail administrator. They found out that the adminstrator was planning on moving Ciaran to Building 6 which consists of the ODC (ordinary decent criminal) prisoners. They were disappointed because Ciaran had continually objected to being lumped into the general
prison population and knew that this was what the FBI and Homeland Security would want in order to bolster their case.

The jail administration has been continually pressuring him to move to
another wing. Ciaran has refused since he is not a criminal but a political prisoner and should not be housed with ordinary decent criminals who have been convicted of committing murder, rape, drug offenses, etc.

The other wings of the jail are extremely overcrowded. The Denver County Jail is originally designed to house 1,300 inmates but currently houses more than 3,000. There has been much concern in the papers regarding this overcrowding problem which leads to poor conditions of the prisoners and facilities.

When the guards expressed their objections to Ciaran being moved, they managed to keep Ciaran where he was held for another night in order for them to work something out with the administrator to not move him.

Mysteriously, that same evening Ciaran became ill after eating his dinner.

Deanna Turner
Irish American Unity Conference
Tel: 248-661-6989

"Working for Justice and Peace in a Re-united Ireland"

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