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in Reinterral of Fear Píce Gan Ainm.
by Fear Píce Gan Ainm - THE ROBERT EMMET ASSOCIATION Tuesday, Sep 30 2003, 1:47pm


Delay in Reinterral of Fear Píce Gan Ainm.

The Robert Emmet Association regrets that they must postpone the reinterral of Fear Pice Gan Ainm until further notice. Due to take place on Sunday 5 October, almost everything had been put in place for the reinterral but all is now on hold due to delays in finding the remains in the spot pinpointed by tradition. However work in searching the site continues as it is possible to miss the remains by a matter of feet or indeed inches. A new date for the reinterrral will be announced as soon as we are in a position to do so.

Fear Píce Gan Ainm will be taken from an unmarked grave in Co. Meath to rest in a place of honour on Oulart Hill in County Wexford. There he will represent some thirty to fifty thousand who lie in unmarked graves across Ireland from the 1798 period. He may have hailed from any county and may have been of any religion. We will never know. The religious service planned for his reinterral will reflect this and is expected to be a unique moment of reconciliation for many where the history of 1798 is concerned. The reinterral will is the final item on the agenda of Emmet 200 and will bring closure to the official commemorations of the Revolutionary Period 1791-1803 generally.

The Association wishes to thank all the people and bodies involved and to ask their forbearance through this period. Particularly they wish to thank The Department of the Taoiseach, The Department of Environment, The Department of Defence, The Lord Mayor of Dublin, An Garda Síochána, Dúchas, Meath County Council, Wexford County Council, The North Eastern Health Board, the various church authorities and the many pikegroups and other volunteers who have brought the project thus far.The postponement will be for as short a period as possible.

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