IOL: Belfast loyalist ‘intent on ethnically cleansing Catholics’

Security sources in the North have claimed that the Ulster Defence Association’s new commander in north Belfast is intent on ethnically cleansing Catholics from a flashpoint area on his turf.

A loyalist mob, which included members of the UDA, forced two Catholic families to leave the Deerpark Road area last night.

The mob was armed with petrol bombs and other missiles and one man was injured by a flying brick during the expulsion.

The 33-year-old local UDA "brigadier", who is known as Bonzer, took over the north Belfast UDA after Andre Shoukri, nick-named the Egyptian, was jailed for possessing a loaded gun.

Bonzer and Shoukri were both imprisoned three years ago for trying to extort money from a restaurant owner who was forced to flee the North after giving evidence against the pair.

Bonzer was released 15 months later and has now taken over the UDA in north Belfast, where he is allegedly encouraging young loyalists to attack Catholic homes.

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