Death Threat

But it takes PSNI eight months to warn mother she’s on UDA death list

A Poleglass mother-of-three has claimed the PSNI have put her life at risk after warning her that she is on a UDA death threat – eight months late.

The 37-year-old – who is too scared to be named – says she is frightened for her life, and those of her children, after being told on Thursday night that her address had been found on a floppy disc discovered after a PSNI raid on a house in ‘the Greater Belfast area’ in January. Now she says anything could have happened in the intervening months and she’s at her “wits’ end”.

“When I came home on Tuesday there was a card in the hall from the PSNI asking me to contact them “on a matter of urgency regarding a threat message”.

“I had no idea what they were talking about, but the card asked me to come down to the station. When I went down to Woodbourne I asked them what it was all about. I was taken into a room and a female officer informed me that on January 9 a house was raided in the Greater Belfast area and my address had been found on a floppy disc. She told me she believed the floppy disc had been in possession of the UDA.

“I was told that the threat was to the house and not to me – what does that mean? I’ve lived here for 14 years and have never been in any trouble.”

The terrified Poleglass woman said she can’t understand why the PSNI would wait a whole nine months before informing her of the threat.
“I’m in a complete panic,” she said. “Anything could have happened to me over the past year, yet the PSNI didn’t think it was necessary to let me know that my details had been found on a disc. I’m at my wits’ end here.”

A spokesperson for the PSNI said they did not comment on the circumstances around individual security. However, last night former West Belfast MLA Sue Ramsey hit out at the PSNI and said she was “astounded to learn that the PSNI had the disc since January”.
“It’s a complete disgrace. I have advised the woman to contact her solicitor about this.

“However, I would also advise people to be vigilant and to be aware that the UDA are still targeting Catholics.”

Journalist: Anthony Neeson

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