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Posted by Ailín at the IRBB and taken from a Republican Sinn Fein leaflet of 1992

Start talking about Irish Republicanism (S.T.A.I.R)



WHEN the Irish public ask the above two questions in relation to the on-going suffering in the Six Counties, they are usually asked in that order. Back to front. Both the Dublin and British governments would much prefer that neither question be asked because in an honest and historical answer both will be found to be totally to blame for the carnage of the last 22 years, and indeed for its cause, the festering sore of Partition that has claimed lives and blighted every generation for the past 70 years. It is no accident that the public usually ask the last question first and the second only rarely.

Justification for the existence of both statelets on this island, and the stubborn refusal of the British to ever concede that Irish people have a right to self-determination, coupled with an obvious failure by the 26-County state to advance its milk and water aspiration to unity, has resulted in a campaign of distortion, myths and lies to cover up failure and bestow a form of legitimacy on what are patently two failed states. The anti-Republican propaganda with which the 26-County state has surrounded itself since its formation in 1921 includes the myth that the present state was a product of and goal of those who rose up against British occupation of Ireland in 1916. These myths, distortions and lies, so often repeated over 70 years have been responsible for a confused and misinformed public asking "When will it all end ?" before asking the more logical "When and why did it all start ?'

The present death, bloodshed and suffering being endured by the people of the six occupied counties can be traced to the partition of our country by Britain.


* The present 26-County state is not 'The Republic of Ireland' but a mere transition of the Irish Free State brought into being by the British Government of Ireland Act under the threat of immediate and terrible war by Britain's Lloyd George in 1921.

* No such thing as a 26-County 'Republic of Ireland' was ever sought or agreed to by the Irish people.

* The term 'Republic of Ireland' as it is applied to the 26-County area is a nonsense, and has no historical, factual or internationally-accepted basis.

* The term 'Northern Ireland' when used to describe the Six Occupied Counties is equally farcical, and of course is also geographically stupid since it excluded the most northerly county of Donegal.

* The term 'Ulster' as used by Unionists - excluding Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal — is yet another foolish attempt to create an identity that doesn't exist.

* The Six-County statelet came into being by the same Government of Ireland Act which set up the administration that still functions from Leinster House, and was based on a sectarian head count of Protestants drawn in a line on the map of Ireland to ensure a permanent Unionist majority.

* Seven decades of bloodshed, terror and pogroms by B-Specials RUC, UDR and British-controlled loyalist death squads, supported by the British army of occupation, on the Nationalist population within the borders of this artificial state continues as it strives to gain a legitimacy it can never hope to secure.


* The noble Republican message of Theobald Wolfe Tone, who, as a Protestant revolutionary, sought to remove the divisive influence of England from our country and unite Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter under the common name of Irishman is as valid today as it was 200 years ago.

* Tone's Republican ideals were enshrined in the Proclamation of 1916 and two years later in 1919 all the people of Ireland voted overwhelmingly for the Irish Republic and in 1919 Dail Eireann was convened and rightfully claimed the allegiance of the Irish people.

* The Democratic Government of the Irish Republic was suppressed by force of British arms resulting in the death and imprisonment of many of its elected members.


* The 32-County Republican Government of 1919 was suppressed and has never been reconvened. Instead we have a British-imposed parliament in Leinster House and an artificial statelet of occupation in the Six Counties.

* Co-ordinated anti-Republican propaganda by the British and Dublin governments is motivated as much by fear as malice, and is an indication of the inherent instability of the two statelets in Ireland.

* Anti-Republican propaganda is designed to undermine and slander the message of Wolfe Tone and the men and women of 1916 and since who have sought self-determination, sovereignty and nationhood for the people of this island.


It will end when the British leave Ireland, and permit the Irish people of this island to live and develop without the economic or military interference of a larger neighbouring country.

It will end when Britain stops manipulating Irish Protestants in the Six Counties and using them as surrogate terror gangs against their Catholic neighbours.

It will end when the people of Ireland are allowed to determine their own destiny.


(Republican) Sinn Fein Leaflet Circa 1992

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