The murder of Peter McBride


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The murder of Peter McBride

Brief introduction to the case of Peter Mc Bride

September 4 1992 Peter Mc Bride, 18 year-old father of two young daughters, was stopped by a foot patrol of the Scots Guards in Spamount St, off the New Lodge Rd in Belfast. After an identity check and a thorough body search, which found him to be unarmed, Peter ran from the patrol and was chased by the soldiers. During the chase the soldier in charge ordered his men " don't shoot". Seconds later a witness heard the words "shoot the bastard ". Two soldiers, Guardsmen Mark Wright and Jim Fisher, shot at him, hitting him twice in the back from a range of some 70 yards. Peter, seriously wounded, stumbled through a house before collapsing in the back entry behind his sister’s house.

Below are some documents relating to this case.

Open letter from Jean Mc Bride to the Queen, May 13th 2002.

The judgement of the McBride Judicial Review, April 24th 2002.

Judgement delivered in McBride Judicial Review, April 17th 2002.

March 2002 Update.

Victim's mum pleads for 'end to agony', November 2001.

No Grazie to Scots Guards in Italy.

Declaration regarding the stationing in Germany of the two murderers of the Irish citizen Peter McBride. Our friends in the Peter McBride campaign in Germany have made the attached translation of the Petition they are bringing to the German Government in an effoert to have the two Scots Guards removed from Germany. Download the declaration as a Microsoft Word Document in a zip archive here. Please pass on the document to as many people as possible, sign it and return it to the address supplied.

Mc Bride International Day of Action / update

Call for Third International Day of Action on Mc Bride case

Peter McBride Judicial review - update day two (30/03/2001)

Peter McBride Judicial review - update day one (29/03/2001)

Peter McBride - German campaign (29/03/2001)

The full text of the adjournment debate on 13.12.00 in Dail Eireann, the Irish Parliament, on the decision by the British Army to retain Scots Guards Fisher and Wright. Contributions from Deputies Keaveney and Currie and the government response from Foreign Minister Brian Cowen.

Judical Review - The full hearing of the judicial review of the Army Board decision to retain in the British Army two soldiers convicted of the murder of Peter McBride will take place on March 29 and 30 2001

PFC statement on the new Secretary of State, Dr Reid, 'Has Serious Questions To Answer In Mc Bride Case'

A London based protest on behalf of the family of Peter McBride which is taking place on Saturday January 27, 2001.

A follow-up to British tabloid newspaper The News of the World article on the McBride case.

German Defence Minister requests explanation

Dail Eireann condemns the Scots Guards decision

Judical Review applied for in Mc Bride case / PFC publishes Restricted MOD document listing 'exceptional reasons'

'Christmas card' received from Scots Guards

Bloody Sunday relatives support McBride day of action

McBride Protesters at Mandelson Visit

Peter McBride - International Day of Action 1.12.00

Statement from US Congressman Walsh on McBride Case

November 24, 2000 - News on the Peter Mc Bride case, the murderers are to be retained in the British Army.

The December 2000 Day of Protest for the Peter McBride case.

The week of action planned for September 2000 around the Peter McBride case.

A chronology of events in the case of murdered teenager Peter McBride.

A June 2000 press release from the PFC calling for a zero tolerance murder policy

An article by Roy Greenslade in The Guardian referring to the Daily Mail coverage of the case, published on 22 November, 1999.

An open letter to author Tim Spicer, former Commanding Officer of the Scots Guards, published in "Ireland On Sunday", 31 October, 1999.

Saturday 4 September 1999 press release update on the judicial review of the Scots Guards decision. The link also contains a relevant article from the Irish News of the same date.

Wednesday 2 June 1999 press release update on the judicial review of the Scots Guards decision (Peter McBride case)

May 28 1999 Press release on the judicial review of the Scots Guards decision by the Army Board

September 2nd 1998 Update
Scots Guards Murderers Released
See the Secretary of State announcement on the matter here on the N. Ireland Office website.
Relatives For Justice comment on the release.
Further comment from the PFC, insensitivity shown towards Mc Bride family claims campaigners

The following article from the Pat Finucane Centre was published in the Irish News, Friday August 14, regarding the upcoming review of the life sentences imposed on two Scots Guards for the 1992 murder of Peter Mc Bride.The article includes testimony from a number of the soldiers involved in the incident that has never before been made public. It can be accessed here.

Briefing on the case of Peter McBride and the campaign to free his murderers.
See also weekly news updates 15th Feb 98, 2nd Feb 98, 30 Oct, 27 Oct, 1st June , 6th July, 3 August 97 and 30th September 1997

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