Statement from O/C Stiofán Ó Dáláigh at Bundoran (taken from the IRBB)

“REVOLUTIONARY greetings and solidarity is extended to all true Republicans gathered here today in Bundoran for the annual H-Block Hunger Strike Commemoration.
Today Republican POWs find themselves forced into a situation in which they are once again on dirty protest. Those of us who remember the dark years from '78-'81 know only too well what such a protest means.

Down the long years of Ireland's freedom struggle, Republican POWs have found themselves in a battle of wits with those who have occupied our country and oppressed our people for over 800 years, Republican POWs once again face a Brit campaign to criminalize them.

Here in Maghaberry prison, England's criminalisation machine is in full swing, and once again Republican POWs commitment in refusing to be criminalized is solid. We refuse to let England criminalize over 800 years of Ireland's freedom struggle.

Maghaberry prison is run by a regime who know only brutality; their policy of forced integration is witness to that, as Republican POWs it's our right to have political status, utmost in our demand for political status is the demand for segregation.

The prison regime's policy of forced integration of both Republican and Loyalist prisoners has seen Republican POW's suffer death threats, not only to them but their families from loyalists and has seen a number of Republican POWs beaten and brutalised by loyalists who outnumber them in many cases 16 to 1, this takes place under the watchful eye of the screws, who don't hide their own loyalism.

The worst of those attacks took place this week when two Republicans were badly beaten by seven loyalists who forced their way into a Republican POW's cell, a gun was also put to the prisoners' head but it jammed.

There is little doubt that if this policy of forced integration isn't ended and segregation put in place, that a Republican prisoner will die; this is a fact of life within the walls of Maghaberry. It is clear England has set out to repeat history, learning nothing from her folly of the past; her blood lust is never ending.

On ending I call on everyone to highlight our struggle for segregation. The Republican POW's refuse to be criminalized, support us in our struggle. Let the injustice and brutality of Maghaberry be known to the world.

Sitting in this prison cell, the faces of the martyrs I can see clearly. We remember with great pride the 12 hunger strike martyrs who died within Brit prison walls and Pat Ward, who died as a result of hunger strike.

They are the brave and shine a light to those of us who struggle today.

Tiocfaidh ár lá.”

— Stiofán Ó Dáláigh
O/C Maghaberry Prison
Occupied Six Counties

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