CAJ condemns PSNI decision to hold back documents from Mallon inquest
The Committee on the Administration of Justice today expressed grave disquiet at the decision of the PSNI and the MOD not to disclose documents to Coroner Roger McLernon.
The decision was announced in a hearing into the cases of Roseanne Mallon and nine other people who were killed either by the army or by loyalists, in circumstances where there is credible evidence of collusion.
To date some (but not all) material has been supplied to the Coroner but it has been redacted.
Three weeks ago the Coroner ordered that the PSNI and the MOD hand over all material in un-redacted form.
Representatives of the PSNI and MOD made clear in correspondence to the Coroner disclosed at Dungannon court house today that the material would not be disclosed.
A spokesperson for CAJ said the decision to ignore the ruling raised serious concerns about the applicability of the rule of law and the extent to which the PSNI takes its duties under the Human Rights Act seriously.
"When the police simply ignore court orders it hardly augurs well for a new dispensation in policing based on respect for human rights."
For further information please contact Paul Mageean or Martin O'Brien at CAJ 028 90961122 or on their respective mobile numbers 07703 564467 and 07802434769.

Journalist:: Seán Mag Uidhir


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