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**The 29th of September was the 31st anniversary of the death of a young IRA Volunteer named Jimmy Quigley. The following posts are from the board at Danny Morrison and were put up by Michael Kerry. They are very moving.

from An Phoblacht:

QUIGLEY, Jimmy (31st Ann). In proud and loving memory of a young friend and comrade IRA Volunteer Jimmy Quigley, who died for his people and for the freedom of Ireland. The day you died, Jimmy, Friday 29 September 1972 is etched in my mind. You were faithful and you fought. Always remembered by Danny Morrison.


Today we remember IRA Volunteer Jimmy Quigley--2nd Battalion, Belfast Brigade--shot dead on active service on Friday 29 September 1972.

Below are three extracts from Danny's book ‘All The Dead Voices’. Jimmy Quigley is present in all three.


Once a Volunteer (extract one)

Jimmy Quigley (extract two)

The Death of Jimmy Quigley (extract three)

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