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There are many wonderful ways to beg for money without appearing to do so. At this point the most appropriate, and accurate, is the following. The PFC has no money! We are broke, skint, financially challenged, devoid of sources of income, bust, penniless, in the red!

The Pat Finucane Centre is largely dependent on voluntary donations in order to avoid compromising our core values, principles and actions. Our policy also means that we rely largely on donations from individuals and organisations in Ireland and abroad. As a regular subscriber you will e aware of our activities. We have not made an appeal to those on the email list for over a year. If you wish to support the work of the centre and help us in a time of crisis please send a donation now.

The Staff at the PFC

Donations can be sent to the PFC
1 West End Park
Derry BT48 9JF

Cheques in sterling, euros or dollars can be made out to the Pat Finucane Centre. If you live in Ireland or Britain and prefer to take out a regular standing order in sterling or euros please email us at pfc@iol.ie and we will email a standing order form.

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