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Follow Sinn Féin Assembly Election Campaign on the IRM Website
Nov 12, 2003

Sinn Féin's online subscription news service, Irish Republican Media (www.irishrepublicanmedia.com) launched its Assembly Election web special on Monday November 10th in Belfast.

The web site has exclusive behind-the-scene video clips from the campaign trail three times a week leading up to the election, live elections results and video clips from the vote count centers.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams encouraged people to subscribe to the IRM news service.

"We are very excited at this opportunity to provide our supporters around the world with this unprecedented coverage of the Sinn Féin team on its way to success in the election."

"We will have extensive coverage throughout the campaign, on polling day (November 26th) and from the count centers across the north on November 27th. This will include regular updates from senior party figures, candidates and party activists at the count centers."

The IRM news service began on July 23rd 2003 with the launch of Sinn Féin's new website. The IRM offers email news updates three times a week, breaking news alerts, exclusive interviews with the leading republicans, video clips and An Phoblacht/Republican News newspaper available for download every week.

The IRM replaced the RM Distribution which was previously available from the old Sinn Féin site. Those who had a subscription to the RM Distribution will get four months free when they subscribe to the IRM.

Since its launch during the summer, the Sinn Féin website (www.sinnfein.ie) has been going from strength to strength. In three months there have been more than three million hits on the site and hundreds of people from right across the Ireland have joined Sinn Féin on-line.

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