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This excellent list of Women and Irish Republicanism was made in a post at the old IRBB by L. Ginnell.

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Click HERE to view Crazyfenian's photo of the mural of women in the struggle.

A (Basic) Bibliography of publications / articles about Women and Irish Republicanism


When History was made: Women of 1916
By Ruth Taillon – Belfast: Beyond the Pale Publications 1996
ISBN 0951422987

Prison Letters of Countess Markievicz
By Amanda Sebestyn. Virago Press 1987
ISBN 0860687813

Constance Markievicz – Irish Revolutionary
By Anne Haverty. Pandora 1988
ISBN 0863581617

Charlotte Despard – A Biography
By Margaret Mulvihill. Pandora 1988
ISBN 0863582133

Unmanageable Revolutionaries
By Margaret Ward. Brandon 1983

Revolutionary Woman: Kathleen Clarke 1878 – 1972
Edited by Helen Litton. O Brien Press 1991

Cumann na mBan and the Women of Ireland 1913 – 1972
By Lil Conlon. Kilkenny People 1969

Soul of Fire: A biography of Mary McSwiney
By Charlotte H Fallon. Mercier Press 1986

There is a Bridge at Bandon: A Personal Account of the Irish War of Independence.
By Kathleen Keyes McDonnell. Mercier Press 1972

Terrible Beauty: A life of Countess Markievicz
By Diana Norman. Hodder & Stoughton 1988.

Rebel Irishwomen
By RM Fox. Dublin – Talbot Press 1937

Daughters of Erin
By Elizabeth Coxhead. Secker & Warburg 1965.

Maude Gonne
By Sam Levenson. Cassell 1977.

Women, Ideals and the Nation
By Constance de Markievicz. Inighnidhe na h-Eireann, Dublin 1907.

Doing My Bit for Ireland
By Margaret Skinnider. New YORK – Century 1917.

6 Counties

Tell them everything : a sojourn in the prison of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
By Margaretta D'Arcy, - London : Pluto, 1981
ISBN 0861043499

Hard Time: Armagh Gaol 1971-1986
By Raymond Murray. Mercier Press 1998
ISBN 1856352234

Shoot the women first
By Eileen MacDonald. - London : Fourth Estate, 1991.
ISBN 1872180639

Peggy Deery: A Derry Family at War
By Nell McCafferty. Attic Press 1988
ISBN 0946211558

To Take Arms - A year in the Provisional IRA
By Maria McGuire. MacMillan 1973.
SBN 333145062

No Faith in the System
By Sister Sarah Clarke. Mercier Press 1995
ISBN 1856351602

Only the Rivers Run Free. Northern Ireland: The Women’s War
By Eileen Fairweather, Roisin McDonough and Melanie McFadyean. Pluto Press 1984
ISBN 0861046684

In Journals, Newspapers, etc.

"A Cumann na mBan Recalls Easter Week"
by Eilis Bean Uí Chonail.
In ‘The Capuchin Annual’, 1966.

"The History of Cumann na mBan"
by Eithne Coyle.
In An Phoblacht, 8th April 1933.

"The Women on Easter Week"
by Nora O Daly.
In "An t-Oglach" 3rd April 1926.

"Cumann na mBan in the GPO"
By M Reynolds.
In "An t-Oglach" 27th March 1926.

"Excerpts from the Diary on the Asgard"
By Mary Spring Rice
In "Sinn Féin" 26th July + 2nd August 1924.

Maire Comerford: Women in Struggle
Edited by Pat McGlynn
In ‘Eiri Amach na Casca’. Republican Publications 1986.

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