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Caught on the web ...
Pic of Stakeknife WITH his agent handler could go online

By Alan Murray

A PHOTOGRAPH of the Army agent known as 'Stakeknife', posing with his military handler, could appear on the internet.

Former Army agents, who are suing the Ministry of Defence for compensation, say there is a possibility that the photograph of Stakeknife, with his Army handler, David Moyles, could be put up on a website, this week.

West Belfast republican, Freddie Scappaticci, has consistently denied that he is Stakeknife, since the allegation first surfaced, earlier this year.

Scappaticci - the 'number two' in the IRA's internal investigation unit, known as the 'nutting squad' - has denied allegations that he worked as an agent for the Army.

He was, however, ideally placed, as number two to John Joseph Magee for 15 years, to learn many IRA secrets, and provide detailed lists of personnel he'd debriefed after 'operations'.

Stakeknife provided his Army handler with details of the IRA's most-sensitive internal investigations, and this enabled Special Branch to alert fellow agents that they were under suspicion by the IRA.

Many survived Provo interrogations because of Stakeknife's tip-offs, and others fled the country, after he warned his handlers that the IRA had proof of their treachery.

Danny Morrison, a member of the IRA's 'general headquarters staff', was arrested by police who raided a house in west Belfast, where an agent had been interrogated. The former Sinn Fein publicity director was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Stakeknife was also able to identify key members of IRA active service units, which were debriefed by him after operations failed, or weapons were lost or seized by Special Branch.

Last week's publication of a group photograph of members of the Armys's secret Force Research Unit, which was run by Brigadier Gordon Kerr during the 1980s, has identified Stakeknife's handler, David Moyles.

Moyles is standing beside a female officer, who was involved in the handling of UDA spy, Brian Nelson.

A source close to the disgruntled former Army agents told Sunday Life: "There is a picture kicking around of Stakeknife with Moyles, and the buzz is that, by Tuesday or Wednesday, it will be on the internet."


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