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UDA rape beast expels families

By Stephen Breen

ANGRY parents, on Belfast's Shankill Road, last night hit out over a convicted UDA rapist, who helps run a local sports team.

Loyalist sources told Sunday Life that a number of parents in the loyalist stronghold wanted the man removed from the team, because of his rape conviction.

It is believed the parents planned to hold a series of pickets outside his house, last week - but were warned by the UDA to "stay away".

Although no protests were held, two families did protest outside the house, on Friday.

"The families were later told to leave the area by the terror group, after the rapist and his henchmen - armed with baseball bats - confronted them. The families later fled.

Now, other parents in the Shankill have refused to organise further protests, over fears they could be attacked by the UDA.

Earlier this month, Sunday Life revealed that the rapist was violently attacked, by another senior loyalist.

Loyalist sources told us the rapist had his nose broken, after he was confronted in a bar, by a former member of the UFF's 'B' company.

The terror boss accused the man of being a "pervert", before laying into him, following a remembrance service, in the Shankill.

Now, senior loyalist sources in the area claim there is a lot of anger locally, over the sex fiend's position within the UDA.

Said a source: "Everyone knows this man's background, but they are afraid to say anything, because he holds a senior position in the UDA.

"He's up to his neck in everything, and a number of the parents were, quite rightly, not happy that he was involved with kids, when he has a previous conviction for rape.

"He has been getting a hard time of it lately from ordinary people in the street, but also from senior loyalists, who have always hated him, for having a rape conviction.

"Some of the parents planned to stage a picket, outside his home.

"However, when the UDA heard about it, they were warned to stay away.

"The parents who went ahead with a picket on Friday, and were considered to be the ringleaders, were subsequently forced from their homes, because the UDA wasn't happy."

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