FRIDAY 12/12/2003 16:33:06 UTV
Ex-spy breaks covers to summons 'Stakeknife' denier

A former spy who infiltrated the IRA went to the west Belfast home
of the man who denies being British Army agent Stakenife today, in a
bid to force him into court.
By:Press Association

Sam Rosenfeld emerged from hiding to serve a summons on Freddie
Scappaticci as he fights Ministry of Defence attempts to silence him.

Legal papers ordering Mr Scappaticci to appear as a witness at the
High Court in London were handed to an elderly man who answered a
front door which still bore bullet marks from a gun attack a week

The unidentified pensioner angrily refused to accept the document
and threw it on the ground.

Even though Mr Scappaticci`s lawyer later claimed the summons was
invalid, Mr Rosenfeld insisted he was satisfied.

He said outside the house: ``I want explanations about British
government collusion in murders in Northern Ireland. Mr Scappaticci
may be in a position to provide them.

``If he goes into court he has the opportunity to deny or confirm
that he is Stakeknife.``

Mr Rosenfeld, 42, infiltrated the Provisionals during a three-year
undercover operation and alleges he has devastating information on
security force collaboration with terrorist killers.

Defence chiefs are seeking an injunction to stop him disclosing
details about his time with the covert Force Research Unit.

Between 1990 and 1993 he managed to win the trust of republican
paramilitaries on both sides of the Irish border.

Today was the first time he had returned to Northern Ireland in a
decade as he went into the heart of the staunchly republican
Andersonstown district to locate the man alleged to be Stakeknife.

Mr Rosenfeld says British army bosses reneged on an agreement to
resettle him after he quit.

Amid claims that MoD chiefs want to jail him for writing to the
Queen about his case, he also wants to go to the High Court in

He believes Mr Scappaticci, who was named earlier this year as
Britain`s top mole working as a security chief inside the IRA, can
help him prove agents are under life-long threat.

The building constructor wants him to appear at his case due to be
heard in the Royal Courts of Justice in London next Wednesday.

He was accompanied by Willie Frazer from south Armagh-based victims
group FAIR which represents the families of dozens murdered by the
IRA in the area.

Holding a picture showing the body of an alleged British agent
killed and dumped by the Provisionals, Mr Frazer said: ``Ninety two
of the murders in south Armagh have never been solved.

``We want to know if this man was part of the IRA`s so-called
nutting squad down there.``

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens has also been
called to appear in court, along with another army agent known as
Kevin Fulton and a former military intelligence handler turned
whistleblower, Martin Ingram.

Mr Scappaticci`s solicitor, Michael Flanigan, insisted his client
would not be attending the private hearing.

``These proceedings in London are nothing to do with him,`` he said.

``As I understand it they are before a judge in chambers and if you
want to issue a summons you need leave of court.

``The summons isn`t validly issued or served by throwing it at my
client`s door.

``The case has nothing to do with us and we will not be there on

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