From the Brehon Law Society
16 December 2003

Well here we are at this "Joyous" time of the year.

But as we all know its not quite for everyone.

The Irish American community and other right thinking people have risen to the occasion in the efforts to stop the dreadful injustice that is being perpetrated on Malachy McAllister and his family.

That effort is ongoing and everyone is encouraged to keep at it until a successful resolution.

Meanwhile, and not to take away from these efforts,there are two other situations that need to be focussed on.

The first is to remember the men still being held in Colombia .In fact it has been 28 months since their arrest and a verdict has still not been rendered.

If one is not received shortly there is a fear that it will not be until February .
Yet the men remain incarcerated in an extremely hostile environment far away from their families and loved ones at this "Joyous" season.

While everyone is writing out their Christmas cards could they send one on down to the lads?

They are , of course, Jim Monaghan, Niall Connolly and Martin McCauley.

The address is Pisa 1,Alta Seguridad,Carcel National,La Modelo,Bogota CRA 56#19-30, Colombia.

Frances McAuley-- is well known to many activists in Belfast.

She is one of the longstanding leaders of The Springfield Residents Action Committee and has stood in the fore of resistance to various onslaughts from all sides.

A few weeks back a candle burnt down, the wax leaked into her TV which exploded and her house , with all her belongings, burnt to the ground.

Frances herself was burned but is on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately her insurance had lapsed and she is desperately in need of some help.

So, once again,I am asking everyone to dig deep and help in raising some money to help Frances out in re-establishing her life.

Could you send whatever you can spare?

Make the checks out to either myself,Stephen M McCabe[which Illdeposit and will issue one check to Frances] or simply make the check payable to Frances McAuley.

My address is Box 855, 114 Old Country Rd., Mineola,NY,11501.
Thanks to all.

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