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18 December 2003

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Irish Government to release reports online/pfc

The Irish Government will publish the Cory investigation into allegations of cross border collusion at 1pm today. The report will be available at www.irlgov.ie. Access the website and click on Government Departments where the report will be accessible on the Department of Justice section.

In his report to the Irish government, Cory dealt with the deaths of RUC officers Bob Buchanan and Harry Breen in 1989 and those of Justice Gibson and his wife Cecily in 1987.

All four were killed by the IRA just over the border in the North, but Cory is believed to have called for an investigation into whether a garda may have tipped off the IRA about the RUC men's movements after a trip to Dundalk.

The decision by the Irish Government to publish today follows the refusal of the British Government to publish Cory’s reports into the murders of Pat Finucane, Rosemary Nelson, Robert Hamill and Billy Wright. This is despite a British promise to publish all the reports at the same time as the Irish on December 1. PM Tony Blair has claimed that the reports cannot yet be published for reasons of ‘national security’.

Judge Cory, a former Supreme court judge from Canada, is understood to be furious that the Blair government has broken firm promises made during the Weston Park negotiations.

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