I Will Not be Silenced - Ex-IRA Spy
The News Letter
Dec 17 2003

By Ross Smith

A FORMER spy who infiltrated the IRA last night revealed he will boycott court action in England today, and dared MoD officials, who are trying to gag him, to take him on in Northern Ireland.

On the eve of a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, in London, Sam Rosenfeld said he will not turn up to fight a lifetime injunction stopping him telling secrets about his time in Army intelligence.

He wants to tell the truth about security force collusion with paramilitaries, which, he claims, led to murders on both sides of the community being sanctioned in order to protect agents.

Mr Rosenfeld claimed today's hearing will be conducted in chambers rather than open court, and he would not be allowed to instruct a solicitor to represent him.

By staying away, he hopes it will be clear he did not consent to the proceedings if he later challenges the outcome, which he may seek to do through the European courts.

Speaking from a secret location in Northern Ireland, the ex-agent told the News Letter: ''It will mean everything I have done to call witnesses will become irrelevant.

"Everything they have done has been done in secret. But my solicitor has made it clear to them they will need to serve any documents they have through the courts in Northern Ireland."

Mr Rosenfeld had issued a summons to Freddie Scappaticci - the west Belfast man alleged to have been Britain's top spy in the IRA - Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens, ex-agent Kevin Fulton, and former agent handler turned whistle-blower Martin Ingram to appear as witnesses.

"I'm disappointed the English legal system quite clearly appears willing to hear applications in people's absence,'' he added.

"If someone was charged with murder, he would have more rights than me.

"But they can do what they like - I've no intention of paying any attention to what they're doing.''

He is hoping to have the case heard at the High Court in Belfast.

He said: "If they want to argue it in a court in Northern Ireland, I'm ready, willing and waiting.

"If they come to Northern Ireland, they're going to have a fight on their hands.

"I don't think anybody's going to believe they didn't murder anybody. I dare them to come into a court in Northern Ireland."

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