IOL: Sinn F?in 'willing to engage' with DUP

Sinn Féin 'willing to engage' with DUP
01/12/2003 - 10:40:24

Sinn Féin chairman Mitchel McLaughlin today said his party would be willing to engage with the DUP to hear what they had to say about the peace process.

However, the Foyle MLA said the DUP would have to come to terms with the fact that the majority of people supported the Agreement.

“They may have ideas that people will be able to explore,” he said.

“Those ideas will be subject to the pro-Agreement majority. The DUP claim to be democrats. They put their case. They lost that particular argument, notwithstanding their 30 representatives but they lost that argument.

“There is a pro-Agreement majority that they have to come to terms with and the majority has made it clear. The Good Friday Agreement is the only show in town and there will be no stripping back.

“If anything, we will continue to advance and build value on to Good Friday Agreement and there will be no retraction whatsoever.”

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