Message from Ciaran Ferry via the Irish Heritage Group

Dia dhuit a chairde:

Below is a message from Ciarán Ferry. Please read it, and do me a
personal favor. When you're making out you Christmas cards in the
next few days. Please make out one more and send it to Ciarán. Lets
give this young man a little Christmas cheer. Just a card, nothing
else please. The rules are very strict about what he can receive.
Cards are OK though.

Thank you and God Bless,



My hopes for the future obviously include residing here in the
United States. But I have one, almost manic hope/desire, to spend
Christmas with my wife and daughter. It is such a special, magic
time for children and by reflection for the parents also. To see the
glow in our children's widening eyes in the soft atmosphere of
Christmas lights, to hear their childish shrieks as they claw at the
wrapping paper and reveal their presents. To sit with a glass of
cheer and pride ourselves that we have assured that one of the last
vestiges of childhood has been preserved.

In the past eleven months I have missed many special family
occasions, but none compare to Christmas. For me to miss this would
be a devastating blow to my morale, to suggest otherwise would be a
delusion of my emotions. I live in hope.

P.O. Box 16700
Golden, CO 80402-6700


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