Hundreds of men, women and children attended the dedication of a new monument in Milltown Cemetery yesterday to republicans who died during the conflict.

Sited at the current republican plot, the new memorial – costing in excess of £40,000 – has been almost two decades in the planning and building. Liam Shannon of the National Graves Association said that yesterday’s dedication ceremony was “an emotional but timely event”. Many of those who attended the dedication were family members of volunteers buried in the republican plot.

“We sent personal invitations to each and every family. Many of those who attended made time afterwards to say just how impressed they were by the new monument and to thank those involved,” said Liam. “It was an emotional day, but the fine weather and the large crowd that attended made the day one that will stay with many of us for a very long time.”

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams addressed the large crowd, praising the tireless work of the NGA and taking the opportunity to reflect on the recent election results.

"Much has been said since the election about the rise in support for the DUP, and rightly so, for they were successful in increasing their mandate and swallowing up the smaller rejectionist parties.

“However as republicans well know with an increased mandate comes an increased responsibility to use it wisely.

"The DUP need to reflect upon this and indeed they need to reflect upon the wave of attacks on republicans’ homes in this city on Friday night.”

Supporters in Ballyconnell, Co Cavan donated the stone used in the construction of the monument.

Liam Shannon added: “We want to express our gratitude to all of those who assisted the Association in reaching our goal, including those members of the public who generously contributed to our fundraising. We are very proud and pleased with the new monument.”

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