FR: Ned McGinley, National President AOH in America
RE: Malachy McAllister Case w/ BICE
DA: December 1, 2003

Malachy McAlllister, as he has done all along, reported to the BICE (formerly INS) Office outside Newark Airport in NJ as requested by a letter sent by the BICE and obeyed the law. The potential consequences of this ranged from being immediately put on a plane and sent to Ireland, placed in jail until his appeals had been exhausted, or the best allowed bail. This is a huge and somewhat unexpected victory, but we are not finished

THIS MORNING THROUGH THE HARD WORK OF SO MANY OF YOU THE BEST POSSIBLE SCENARIO OCCURRED AND MALACHY WAS RELEASED ON HIS OWN RECOGNIZANCE. This means that he can return to his family and resume what passes for a normal life until the hearings are completed. The tremendous outpouring of effort from the Irish-American community including the Ancient Order of Hibernians undoubtedly made this possible. Thank you for this tremendous effort.

BUT NOW WE ARE ASKING THAT THE EFFORT CONTINUE. We are asking you to have your Congressman and if possible State Senators sign on to the Representative Steve Rothman's Letter in Congress. I will send a copy under in a different email very shortly. Please call your Congressman's Office and request that they do so ASAP.

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