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WEDNESDAY 03/12/2003 15:38:28

Scappaticci summonsed to High court

A west Belfast man who denies being the British Army agent Stakeknife has been summonsed to appear at the High Court in London later this month, it emerged today.
By:Press Association

Freddie Scappaticci, 59, is being called as a witness by a former military agent who is challenging an attempt by the Ministry of Defence to silence him.

Sam Rosenfeld, 41, worked for three years for British intelligence spying on the IRA in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

The MoD is seeking a life-time injunction to try to prevent him detailing his activities when he worked undercover.

The case is due to be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice on December 17.

Another army agent known as Kevin Fulton and a former military intelligence handler turned whistle-blower, Martin Ingram, have also been ordered to appear to testify.

Witness summonses against the three were issued at the High Court in London today.

Mr Scappaticci has categorically denied claims he was the army`s top agent known as Stakeknife who also help head up the IRA`s so-called internal security unit.

He has admitted being a republican, but insisted in May he left the movement 13 years ago.

He lives in the Andersonstown area of Belfast.

Sir John Stevens, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, who is in charge of the marathon inquiry into allegations of collusion between military intelligence and paramilitaries in Northern Ireland, has confirmed he is to question an army agent identified to him as Stakeknife.

He has yet to meet him.

Earlier this year Mr Scappaticci failed in a legal bid to order the Northern Ireland security minister Jane Kennedy to make a public statement confirming his denials he was a British agent.

Between 1990 and 1993, Mr Rosenfeld, a building contractor, worked for the army`s Force Research Unit (FRU), and defence chiefs are attempting to gag him to prevent damaging details being revealed about secret anti-terrorist operations.

He and Mr Fulton have claimed their military bosses reneged on an agreement to re-settle them with a pension after their links ended.

Mr Fulton and the MoD are involved in a separate legal action, but he has pledged to go to the High Court hearing.

He said: ``I will obey any witness summons, and I will be interested to hear what Mr Scappaticci has to say.``

Mr Ingram, once a FRU handler, said he would be considering the summons request.

He said: ``I have certain sympathy for people who have been wronged. It if it in my power to help them responsibly, I will do it.``

Mr Scappaticci`s solicitor, Michael Flanagan, was unavailable for comment.

Mr Scappaticci, Mr Fulton and Mr Ingham can face contempt proceedings if they fail to appear.

Mr Scappaticci`s solicitor, Michael Flanagan, said tonight: ``My client has never heard of Mr Rosenfeld and he is not involved whatsoever in his High Court action.``

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