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New Years statement issued on behalf of the National Executive by Mr Francis Mackey, National Chairman.

As we enter 2004 we are mindful that on 21st January 85 years ago, the elected representatives of the Irish Nation declared their freedom through the Declaration of Independence.

The historic election of December 1918 formed the first Irish Parliament, Dail Eireann, and was the clear democratic wish of the Irish people to end British rule in Ireland. The Irish people have been denied that right to this day.

In commemorating this historic event the 32 County Sovereignty Movement looks forward with patriotic principle to uphold and defend the democratic right of the Irish people. We emphasise the responsibility of all republicans to uphold the principle of the 1916 leaders, the first Dail Eireann and the Sovereignty of the Irish Nation.

We look forward to advancing the search for real peace with justice and we question why the British Government insists on continuing their illegal claim to the occupied six counties.

Reflecting on the past year, the 32 CSM are convinced now more than ever that our decision to oppose the modernisation and normalisation of British rule in Ireland through the 1998 agreement was the correct route for republicans. That agreement was based on a flawed analysis and failed the Irish people, Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter. It is sectarian by its very nature and fails the people on this island.

The agreement has not addressed the British government’s illegal claim to part of Ireland and it is our firm belief that Unionism will not be persuaded to address their needs within the island as long as such a claim exists.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement asks the Protestant people, particularly those in working class areas, to look seriously at the similar circumstances in Catholic areas and see the deprivation that affects both equally. We pose the question, can your needs be met with the continuance of sectarian conflict which the British Government is content to allow to continue in order to safeguard their interests and divert attention from the real reason why they are holding on to their illegal claim?

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement believe all our needs to alleviate the deprivation and hidden poverty that exists can be more effectively addressed in an all Ireland context without the diversion of the British Government and the frustration that creates in both communities.

The GFA cannot be all things to all people and the inherent flaw on the issue of National Sovereignty allows for the agreement to flounder as we have witnessed over the past years with the constant suspension of the Assembly at Stormont. This process is doomed to failure, and will continue to fail the people of this island.

The process of moving forward is made more difficult by both the British and Dublin Governments, when they use negative propaganda against groups like ours for opposing the Stormont arrangement as if our opinion was not equally valid.

This vilification should not be taken lightly and under analysis does not stand up to scrutiny and is indeed a weak attempt to hide their failure, which we continuously expose.

We will never allow a British Government or indeed anyone else to criminalize us and we challenge the Dublin Minister of Justice Mr Mc Dowell on his blatant lies on the 9th December 2003 when he stated on RTE that the 32CSM were associated with drugs and criminal activity.

Such allegations are unfounded and without a single shred of evidence and I challenge Mr Mc Dowell to produce the evidence to substantiate his claim. If he doesn’t, which we are certain he cannot, it will be taken for what it is, lies. In the meantime I will be seeking legal advice to address such unfounded allegations and the slur he has cast on myself and members of this movement.

The past year has also witnessed the framing of republicans based on corruption within the RUC/PSNI. This was evidenced in the cases against Noel Abernathy, Martin Brogan and Mark Carroll, with the use of contaminated evidence to attempt to secure a false conviction.

This type of injustice is nothing new in the armoury of the British Government against Irish citizens and we have noted the silence of the Dublin administration and the constitutional parties in Stormont. Obviously such injustices are not part of their brief within the confines of what they agreed with the British government.

The 32 CSM repudiates such injustice and we call for all prosecutions under the corrupt British judicial system to be rescinded.

The past year has revealed claim and counter claim in the investigation into the Omagh atrocity 1998. Given the revelations that sinister state forces were involved resulting in the horror of that bomb, it is my firm belief that only a full independent public enquiry will come near establishing the truth of what happened leading up to and on that fateful day.

The 32 CSM are committed to pursuing our peaceful path through international arbitration at the United Nations and will increase our endeavours to have Ireland’s case heard to uphold the Irish people’s democratic rights and to protect Irish National Sovereignty.

It is clear that the proscription of the 32 CSM in America is based on falsehood and is unconstitutional within the laws of that country. It is our intention to increase our efforts to prove to the US administration our bona fides as a peaceful organisation upholding Irelands rights as a Nation and that our challenge to the British Government is a legitimate position for the Irish people.

In the year ahead we call for a full debate amongst the Irish people on the Sovereignty of the Irish Nation and call for a continued effort to have our challenge answered at the UN. It is time for the British government to decolonise Ireland or to answer why they continue to hold on to their illegal claim.

We take this opportunity to wish all our supporters at home and abroad, a peaceful and happy New Year.

We extend New Year and solidarity greetings to Irish POWs at home and abroad. We salute your courage and determination in refusing to allow the British Government to criminalise you and your determination to force the Government to implement segregation within Maghaberry Gaol.

The British Government have conceded that political prisoners exist in Ireland and by conceding on this issue admit that the issue of Sovereignty which has historically led to conflict remains unresolved.

The Irish people must now demand their democratic right to uphold and protect National Sovereignty and we in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement will continue to give leadership with our challenge, via the UN, on this basic principle.

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