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**This post over at the RBB was made to mark the anniversary of the murder of Daniel McColgan:

Please spare a thought for Daniel and his family

Our wait for justice goes on says family
This Monday sees the second anniversary of the UDA murder of Daniel McColgan as his family still wait for justice for their son.
No one has ever been charged with the 20-year-old postman’s murder on a cold January morning in 2001.
He was shot dead by the South East Antrim Brigade of the UDA on the orders of its then leader John “Grugg” Gregg. The loyalist boss was later gunned down by Johnny Adair’s C Company at the height of last year’s loyalist feud.
Daniel McColgan was shot dead as he arrived for work at the Rathcoole postal sorting office around 5am on January 12 2001.
After his murder, the UDA, using its cover name the Red Hand Defenders, said it considered all Catholic postal workers "legitimate targets".
It followed a similar threat made to teachers and Catholic workers at Catholic schools in North Belfast.
Then in a bizarre stunt the UDA told the media that the Red Hand Defenders had been ordered to disband.
Marie McColgan said not a day passed without the pain of losing her son.
“Every day I look at my granddaughter Bethany who grows up without her daddy and at my family who have been heartbroken by the loss of Daniel.”
The grieving mother said she would continue to wait for justice for her son and retained the hope of someday seeing her sons killers convicted of his murder.
“Daniel’s headstone was vandalised again this year, but these people can’t do him any more harm now, so I don’t know what the point of it all is. We go into the second anniversary and there are still no developments. There is nothing to do but wait for justice for Daniel.”

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