Free Speech On Ireland Petition

Free Speech On Ireland

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To: U.S. Congress
Free Speech On Ireland

To: The Massachusetts Congressional Delegation:
Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Senator John F. Kerry
Congressman Michael E. Capuano, Congressman Barney Frank
Congressman James P. McGovern, Congressman John Olver
Congressman John F. Tierney

Re: US Department of State proscription of 32 County and IRPWA

In May 2001 the US Department of State, in conjunction and collaboration with the US Department of the Treasury and the US Department of Justice, proscribed the Real IRA and included the 32 County Sovereignty Committee, 32 County Sovereignty Movement [32 County] and the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association [IRPWA] as aliases of the Real IRA. This proscription designates 32 County and the IRPWA as [FTO] foreign terrorist organizations. Furthermore, the designation serves to quell and suppress the lawful and legal political advocacy of American citizens.

A petition for judicial review of the designation was filed with the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and was denied. The appeal was based on deprivation of constitutional rights such as the First Amendment right to free speech and association, the Fifth Amendment right to due process of law as well as US Code concerning statutory jurisdiction, authority and substantial support in the administrative record.

32 County and the IRPWA are perfectly legal in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. The British Government itself has concluded that these organizations engage solely in lawful political speech and legitimate fundraising efforts. Moreover, British Lord Williams of Mostyn has been quoted as saying,

“My Lords, a clear distinction needs to be made between the expression of political attitudes, opinions and beliefs and the actual commission or instigation of terrorist crime…on the basis of evidence currently available, the Government assess(es) that the 32 County Sovereignty Movement is not concerned in terrorism, as defined in statute.”

According to the US Department of State, “A designation may [also] be revoked by an Act of Congress.” The State Department’s FTO designation of a political pressure group and a charitable support group is unfounded and unconstitutional. No democratic government holds a mandate to police thought and suppress political dissent. For the defense of liberty, the proscription of 32 County and the IRPWA must be denounced and overturned from the halls of Congress. We, the undersigned, therefore request that an Act of Congress be drafted and submitted to rectify this egregious injustice.


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