IOL: Finucane family in court move against UK government

Finucane family in court move against UK government
12/01/2004 - 22:49:54

The family of murdered Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane tonight moved to force the British government through the courts to release a report into his controversial killing.

The Finucane family will go to Belfast High Court tomorrow to seek a judicial review to force Northern Ireland Secretary Paul Murphy to release a report by retired Canadian judge Peter Cory.

Mr Finucane was killed in controversial circumstances by the loyalist Ulster Freedom Fighters in February 1989.

Mr Finucane’s widow Geraldine tonight confirmed a member of her family had been contacted by the judge who was appointed by the British and Irish governments to look into whether there should be inquiries into six controversial killings.

She said the judge had told the family that he had recommended an inquiry into Mr Finucane’s murder which has been dogged by claims that members of the security forces colluded with loyalist paramilitaries.

It is also understood that Judge Cory contacted the families of Lurgan solicitor Rosemary Nelson, who was blown up in a car bomb attack in the driveway of her home in March 1999, Portadown Catholic Robert Hamill, who was kicked to death by a loyalist mob in May 1997, and Loyalist Volunteer Force leader Billy Wright, who was gunned down by the INLA in the Maze Prison in December 1997.

Sources said the judge has also recommended inquiries in these three cases.

Mrs Finucane said they were going to court because the Government had already released reports into two other cases which Judge Cory looked at.

“As far as we are concerned Judge Cory was appointed under a binding agreement involving both British and Irish Governments at Weston Park,” she said.

“The Irish Government published their two reports, but the British Government has still not released theirs.

“They just made a sweeping statement saying they were looking into the legal and security implications of releasing the report.

“However, as far as we are concerned they should be released now. There should be no delay – end of story.”

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