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Republican prisoners face removal to English jails

Seán McGoldrick, Assistant PRO, Republican Sinn Féin
January 13, 2004

THE British government is planning to expel remand and sentenced Six-County Republican prisoners to jails in England, Wales and Scotland, the Republican newspaper SAOIRSE has claimed.

The new power is contained in the Justice (Northern Ireland) Bill which is currently being debated by the Westminster parliament.

The January issue of the Republican Sinn Féin paper says that when this is passed into law any resistance by the prisoners to this punitive regime could now result in their removal to jails in England.

"Any complacency on the part of Republican prisoners and their supporters outside the jails as a result of September's partial victory must now be ended as the campaign for political status faces a new and sinister challenge," SAOIRSE warned.

Justice (Northern Ireland) Bill Clause 13. Transfer of prisoners. . .

2A. If it appears to the Secretary of State that-
a) a person remanded in custody in Northern Ireland in connection with an offence, or
b) a person serving a sentence of imprisonment in Northern Ireland;
should be transferred to England and Wales in the interests of maintaining security or good order in any prison in Northern Ireland, the Secretary of State may make an order for his transfer to England and Wales, there to be remanded in custody pending his trial or, as the case may be, to serve the whole or any part of the remainder of his sentence, and for his removal to an appropriate institution there."

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