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Seán South Commemoration: RIRA should disband
Limerick Republican Sinn Féin
January 4, 2004

A leading member of Republican Sinn Féin has said that the Real IRA should consider disbanding, and dumping arms because they have no credibility and are not the true inheritors of the 1916 Proclamation.

Emmet Walsh from Tullamore, County Offaly was speaking at the annual Seán South commemoration in Limerick when he said that the Real IRA had stayed with the sell-out Provos for eleven years and as a result were compromised and lacked political judgement and credibility.

"The RIRA has no role to play at present - they should dis-band and call off their campaign because they are not the true inheritors of 1916," he told the commemoration in Mount St. Lawrence cemetery in Limerick on Sunday 4th January.

The leaders of the RIRA sided with the Provos in their surrender. "The Provos and their smug self-satisfied leaders have dis- honoured Irish Republicanism. It is time they abandoned the noble name of Sinn Féin and left it to true Republicans like so many other organisations have done, from Fianna Fáil in the Thirties down to the Workers Party in more recent times.

"It was wrong of the Provos to send out volunteers to face death or long terms in prison knowing that they were going to call off the military campaign against the British presence in Ireland. While the Provos were planning surrender they were sending volunteers to their deaths. That is immoral and the fact is they settled for less than what was on offer at Sunningdale. They decommissioned arms obtained for the freedom of Ireland - did they have approval for these acts of treachery? What would Seán South think of the acts of surrender and treachery by the Provos?

"Seán South did not go out and risk death and imprisonment for what the Provos claim they have achieved - he was forced to take up resistance to the injustice of partition -he had come to the conclusion that the political and military establishment of the 26 Counties could not win the freedom of Ireland - he answered the call of Mother Ireland for the freedom of her four green fields."

President of Republican Sinn Féin, Ruairí Ó Brádaigh and the locally based vice-president Des Long attended the commemoration after a march led by a colour party and a lone piper from Bedford Row.

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