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Dear friend:

Recent reports suggest that the British government will soon release
the Cory report into the murder of Belfast attorney Patrick Finucane.
It is expected to confirm that British security forces colluded in the

The British government will release it at a time of its choosing in
order to minimize its impact.

The importance of this report cannot be underestimated. If it
confirms what we have always suspected; it will explode the much-propagated
myth that Britain was merely acting as the bulwark between two irrational,
warring factions in Ireland.

It is opportunities like this that we must make full use of.
Remember the IRA spy-ring in Stormont? Special Branch brought down the
government and republicans were blamed. That story made CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS for
days, thanks to the RUC Special Branch tipping off the media. The fact
that the spy charges against men were dropped last week didn't register here

The Special Branch, who we know were instrumental in Finucane's
murder, are still in existance. This is our chance to help rid policing in
Northern Ireland of the Special Branch.

We need to have an action plan in place when the Cory report is
published. A proposal might be to have an email campaign ready to go upon
publication of the report. We could target the Drudge Report


Drudge has a text-box on his main page asking for worthy news tips
from around the world. If Drudge receives sufficient tips, he may place
a link to the story on his page. This would ensure world-wide coverage,
exposing Britain's true role in the Irish conflict. We could also target
network TV and the main papers, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times etc.

My request to you is that you agree to contact all activists on your
contact list as soon as the report is published. I will forward you an e-
mail when the report is published with all the relevant contact info, links,
email etc, for you to send to your list.

The most important part is that we have the e-mail tree set up and
ready to go at the critical moment.

If you are willing to join with us in setting up this e-mail tree,
please respond to this e-mail. I will add you to the list.

If you know of others who would also act as a building block in this
e-mail campaign, please forward this email to them.

Again, this is a clear-cut opportunity which we must take advantage
of. Please respond to let me know that you will help. All you have to
do now is reply to this message to confirm your participation. All it will
require of you is to forward to your activists list an email I will send to
you when the report is published.


Deanna Turner

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