Woman suffers suspected stroke after raid on home

A Markets woman is recovering in hospital after suffering a suspected stroke during a PSNI raid on her home.

On Wednesday morning up to 20 police officers in riot gear, accompanied by dog handlers, burst into Dinah Henry's Eliza Street house.

Two hours into the raid the 56-year-old grandmother collapsed following a suspected stroke caused by bleeding on the brain.

It is understood the PSNI were searching for items relating to last summer's republican protest outside Dundonald House - the headquarters of the Northern Ireland Prison Service.

During the July protest demonstrators forced their way into the building and allegedly smuggled out documents containing prison officers' names and addressed.

The PSNI believe members of Dinah Henry's family were involved in the protest - a claim strongly denied by her children who have accused the PSNI of harassment.

"The police just burst in here and started ripping the place apart," explained Patricia Henry.

"They were under the wrong impression that members of my family were involved in a protest outside the Prison Service headquarters.

"My mum, who suffers from arthritis and heart complaints, just couldn't deal with the raid. She collapsed to the floor and had to be rushed to hospital.
"Her house is a mess but all I am worried about at the moment is her health."
A funeral that was passing by Eliza Street had to be re-routed during the raid on the Henry home.

South Belfast MLA Alex Maskey accused the PSNI of acting in a heavy-handed manner.

"The nature of this raid on a home in the Markets was completely unnecessary," said the former Sinn Féin mayor.

"The actions of the PSNI officers involved caused undue distress to the occupants of the house and resulted in an elderly woman having to be taken to hospital and a large amount of damage being caused to the household.”

A spokeswoman for the PSNI said that the Henry family should direct any complaints to the Police Ombudsman. She also confirmed that Dinah Henry took ill during their search of her home.

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