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Arms seizure linked to INLA gang

A home-made shotgun and ammunition seized by police may be linked to republican paramilitaries who have been blamed for a rise in teenage suicides in Belfast.

The weapon, component parts for a blast bomb and 300 bullets and cartridges were discovered hidden in the roof space of commercial premises in Ardoyne just hours after the funeral of one of the suicide victims.

Police had been acting on a tip-off and confirmed they believed the hideout could be linked to the INLA.

The INLA has been accused of pressuring teenagers from Ardoyne who were among 13 suicides in north Belfast this year.

Sergeant Alan Jones said he could not comment on the motive for the information being passed to police.

But he added: "Every bullet saved is a life saved and a kneecap saved from being shattered. This is very important and anything which takes the pressure off these kids is wonderful."

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