**The post following this one has the details, but I am putting this up and begging you to do something very simple that may save a man's life. Highlight the text of the following letter and copy and paste it to an email. Sign your name and city, address it to minister@justice.ie and send it off immediately. Add a personal note if you want to. It will take less than a minute. Go raibh maith agat.

Minister Michael McDowell, T.D.

Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform
72-76 St. Stephen's Green
Dublin 2

Dear Minister Michael McDowell,

I am writing to register my great concern for the continuing imprisonment of Mick Hegarty at Portlaoise Prison. I am aware that Mr. Hegarty, who is age 51, is gravely ill and should not be in prison at all. Visitors have told me that he is extremely emaciated and must feed himself through a tube for EIGHTEEN (18) hours a day in very unsanitary conditions. I am aware that he has had surgery this month to implant new feeding tube in his stomach. His doctors outside have warned him that he must gain several stone immediately or face severe endangerment to his chances of survival. Under the present conditions it seems very clear that this man should not be in prison at all. Please grant Mick Hegarty compassionate release to finish his sentence at home, where he might have a better chance at a full recovery. Please don’t allow another prisoner to die needlessly in an Irish prison – please remember Kevin Murray and the needless suffering and untimely death he suffered after many months of medical neglect at Portlaoise Prison.

Yours very sincerely,


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