The Shamrockshire Eagle: Monday 2nd February 2004

**I thought I was depressed before, but then I stumbled over to the EAGLE to pick up a current article for you which I almost had posted when my auld dinosaur here crashed, and I decided to read a previous week's post called "My Position," which you may pick up on the link above. That piece caused my spirits to plummet further. I can only hope that the SHAMROCKSHIRE EAGLE just needs to drop back and re-group, as my da always used to say. With all due consideration for one who first welcomed me to blogging and for whom I have great respect, I do not believe it is correct to say,"The Irish have simply given up the fight, have abandoned the cause of Irish nationhood." The Irish I know are passionate about their country. There are thousands of us doing whatever part we happen to find to do to further that concept, each in his or her own way. It is only when you give it up in your head and your heart that it is truly gone, and I do not see that happening. Societies, which are no more than people with families with needs like we all have, cannot go through almost a half a century of war and not want something different for themselves. Because we are all not still wiring explosives and sniping at soldiers (and some of us still are), does not mean we have given up. I am very proud that the EAGLE included me as one still dedicated to the old Ireland the Fenians cherished. That is a high compliment. I think the writer of the SHAMROCKSHIRE EAGLE shares this dedication as well, even if he is tired of beating his head against the wall, as he says. He has far too much talent, however, to NOT continue to play his part. That's what I think anyway.

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