Loyalist threat

Editorial - Irish News

The fact that loyalists are using car bombs which could lead to
massive loss of life should be causing widespread outrage. However,
the attack in Belfast on St Patrick's Day has not sparked the type
of reaction that should follow any such appalling incident.

A car bomb found abandoned outside a bar in Belfast's University
Street was initially thought to have been aimed at disrupting St
Patrick's Day celebrations in the area.

It has now emerged that loyalists may have intended the bomb to have
been planted in the city centre, where thousands of people, many of
them children, had gathered for a concert.

The device was made up of a gas cylinder, fire extinguisher and
incendiary devices and was similar to the UVF car bomb planted at
the Auld Lammas Fair in Ballycastle in 2001.

The March 17 incident is alarming and must be regarded with the
utmost gravity.

Suspicion at this stage must fall on the UVF and this organisation
needs to make its position clear.

This attack will be seen as a clear escalation in the threat from
loyalist paramilitaries. It is a threat which must be taken

March 28, 2004

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