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Joe Lynch, Limerick Republican Sinn Féin
March 21, 2004

Arrest Prince of Wales

The heir to the British throne as Colonel in Chief of the Paratroop
Regiment of the British Army should be taken in for questioning
about war crimes while in Ireland, the Limerick Branch of Republican
Sinn Féin stated today.

RSF Munster Executive spokesman Joe Lynch said that instead of being
feted and fawned upon by Free State police and politicians, the
Prince of Wales should be charged in relation to the murders of 13
innocent civilians in Derry in 1972.

"The fact is he is the Colonel in Chief of the Regiment that
murdered innocent people in Ireland and fawning upon him is an
insult to all those who died," said Mr. Lynch. "The Munster
Executive of Republican Sinn Féin meeting in Limerick on Saturday
20th March agreed that the visit of the Prince of Wales to Ireland
must be opposed. The level of security and the cost to the Irish
taxpayer is an indication of how Free State politicians fawn on
British rulers.

"If a man in his position wishes to visit the Free State then he
should do so as a private individual with no cost to the taxpayer.
The public show of excessive security by the police indicates how
such a visit is regarded by most right thinking Irish people - the
fact that the police can be seen brandishing sub machine guns and
automatic weapons must also be questioned.

"The whole process is an attempt to normalise British rule in
Ireland but it is the view of Republican Sinn Féin that such a
process must be rejected and highlighted - there can be no
normalisation of British relations until the British Crown agrees to
remove its forces of occupation from the Six Counties."

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