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Tripped up
New laws to hamper Ulster child sex tourists

By Ciaran McGuigan
28 March 2004

ULSTER'S sleazy sex tourists face a crackdown from cops, under new legislation.

Cops from the province have been involved in monitoring the movements of a number of known paedophiles, who make 'child sex trips' to the Far East.

Now, new laws coming into effect in May, will make it easier for the PSNI to get orders preventing paedophiles travelling to notorious child sex havens.

Cambodia (favoured by pervert pop star, Gary Glitter), Thailand and the Philippines have seen an explosion in visitors, looking for child prostitutes.

A number of known sex offenders from Ulster have been tracked, as they travelled to the Far East.

But, under the new legislation, it should be easier for police to apply for 'foreign travel orders' against sex offenders, which could prevent them even getting on a plane. The orders can be made to force known paedophiles to remain in the UK, or to prevent them travelling to specific countries.

Chief Inspector Willie McAuley, the PSNI's leading officer in sex offences policy, says the new powers will make it easier to prevent paedophiles travelling.

He said: "This is quite an enhancement of what was available.

"There used to be just one order, that was difficult to obtain.

"But now there are four new orders, each dealing with a specific issue - and all of them are much easier to obtain."

Jail terms, of up to five years, can be handed down to perverts who defy the orders.

The new available orders are just some of the measures being introduced in the Sexual Offences Act, given Royal Assent last year, and which comes into effect in England and Wales, in May.

Section Two of the Act - which covers sex offenders - will also apply to Northern Ireland.

And certain aspects of Section One of the Act - that deals with the various offences - will come into force here temporarily.

Among them is the new offence of grooming children for sex. That will make it an offence - for the first time here - for adults, such as internet pervert, Stan Mallon, to use the world wide web, and other methods, to entice children into sex acts.

Sexual offences legislation specific to Northern Ireland is expected next year, following a public consultation process, which is due to start in May.

Temporary measures, adopted from the legislation in England and Wales, will apply here until then.

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