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Threats halt construction work

Work on Housing Executive property in the estate has ceased

A building firm has stopped working on a housing estate in County Antrim because of threats from loyalist paramilitaries.

The intimidation follows a hoax bomb attack in the Glebeside area of Ballymoney last week.

The mixed workforce is employed by a Catholic-owned contractor, and had been working for the Housing Executive on homes in the estate.

The firm said that for safety reasons the workers will not be coming back.

"The workers were there trying to do their job, improving Housing Executive properties for the people who live within the Glebe," said Sinn Fein assembly member Philip McGuigan.

"It is very disappointing.

"It is obviously blatant sectarianism and I would be calling for those who issued the threat to withdraw it."

The local community association has been working hard to raise the estate's public image in recent years.

SDLP assembly member Sean Farren said such incidents do not help.

"Intimidation such as that which has been experienced this week can set all the effort that has been put into community development in the area back a considerable way," he said.

The police say they are keeping an eye on developments on the estate.

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