**If one accepts Scappaticci's guilt, does it not seem that there would be at least a few who lost comrades or family members to brutal execution at this man's hands who would want to "despatch" him?


Stakeknife: Britain’s Secret Agents In Ireland.
By Martin Ingram & Greg Harkin. O’Brien Press.
ISBN: 0-86278-843-9

Anthony McIntyre • Fortnight, April 2004

**My favourite part of this review:

"Those put to the sword on Scappaticci’s watch – the book claims there were 35 – can no longer be regarded as the collaborators the republican leadership alleged them to be. Undoubtedly some were, but an army council that gave the nod for people to be killed on the basis of information provided to it by a British agent itself carries much more culpability than the people it despatched to early graves."

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