The Laughter of Our Children

If you break a nation's nationality it will think of nothing else but getting it set again. It will listen to no reformer, to no philosopher, to no preacher, until the demand of the Nationalist is granted. It will attend to no business, however vital, except the business of unification and liberation - Christopher Hitchens
Anthony McIntyre • 18 April 2004

The Easter Monday Commemoration in Derry was a larger event than I had anticipated. Perhaps because its organisers are the 32 County Sovereignty Movement I usually half-expect that the public interpret this to mean that no more than 32 should turn up at the group's rallies. Bodies strategically squeezed by the peace process live an anorexic existence, forever faltering on the edge of abyssal isolation. Competing with those who have been funded by the prosperous and the powerful to turn their face against republicanism and divest themselves of any radicalism is an uphill battle. In the case of the 32CSM, there are few votes for war. People register with their feet and usually stomp away in the opposite direction. The movement is numbers repellent.

In any event, myself, my daughter Fírinne and friend Shando arrived in the afternoon . . .

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